Thursday, January 15, 2009

heather, chris, and baby grace (almost :))

this past week i was in mississippi, for personal reasons. good friends of mine are about to have a baby, and my friend heather and i wanted to do one last get-together before grace shows up. being in the great weather (sunny and 75 the first two days i was there!) and around such good friends was so refreshing. near the end of my long weekend, we did a quick maternity session at thier house just to have this time in their lives captured with images.

chris is ghetto fabulous! ;) yeah, these guys have a great sense of humor...

even though they're only in their late twenties, heather and chris have been together for 13 years. they have such an amazing family already!

at 34 weeks pregnant, baby grace is almost here. :) i can't wait to meet their precious little girl!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

portland surprise (part two)

sigh. okay. so i've been a bad blogger as of late. a bad blogger but a busy photographer! LOTS of editing/shoots/bookings for spring and summer. this is wonderful and i'm definitely not complaining, but in terms of priorities i'm afraid this blog oftentimes gets a wee bit neglected. :) i'll try to do better.

speaking of bookings, if you're reading this and at all interested in a spring/early summer family or lifestyle shoot, please shoot me an email! as strange as it sounds (only being january at this time...) i'm booking dates as far in advance as june right now. the slots are filling up! so let me know what works for you and i'll do my best to accommodate what you're looking for. :)

here are the rest of the photos from my portland trip. i must confess; there's a lot of my trip that wasn't captured in pictures. i was too busy and having too much fun to remember my camera! :) so this is just a small sampling of the things i saw and the people i love in that town.

... oh, how i love this town. :)