Tuesday, June 30, 2009



i've kind of dropped off the face of the earth. :)

i know, i know. but don't give up on reading this blog yet, because it's about to pick up again very shortly.

see, right now i am not only in the middle of starting this amazing business, but also preparing to move across the country in one week. yikes! :) it's been crazy but wonderful getting all of this off the ground.

in the next week i'll be focusing on sorting, packing, shipping, and saying goodbyes.

soon afterwards, i hit the ground running with four weddings in oregon/washington within my first month back in the pacific northwest. can't wait!

look for upcoming blogs featuring families, couples, and weddings. maybe a post or two about my transition back to oregon as well. :) thanks for keeping an eye on what's happening with my photography and i look forward to sharing everything i've been doing very soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

rad dads

to all of you dads out there...

... happy father's day. the time you spend investing in your kids is worth SO much.

to my own dad:

you are the best. through my whole life you haven't been perfect, but you've done your best to provide for me, love me, encourage and support me even in the times when you would've done things differently. i am the luckiest girl to have a father like you who is funny, thoughtful, kind, loving, smart, and an amazing example of the kind of person i'd like to be. happy father's day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

sneak peek! (lilly + andrew)

happy sunday afternoon to you!

today is pretty busy... i've got a few family shoots very shortly, but as i was sitting here eating some chocolate chip cookie dough soy ice cream (i need my strength! ha :)) and checking my email, i thought i'd also post a picture from yesterday's wedding.

lilly and andrew got married yesterday (congratulations!) and what i loved about their celebration was how many traditions and emphasis on heritage there was throughout the wedding. this photo is the groom's wedding band- the one he was expecting (the darker titanium one to the left) and the actual band, which was a total surprise to him from his bride. it incorporates both traditional and black diamonds throughout the design and was made BY THE BRIDE'S FATHER. he makes jewelry as a hobby. how cool is that?!

you should've seen the look on the groom's face during the ceremony as he saw the surprise ring, and then looked straight at his new father-in-law to thank him. what a beautiful moment.

and one more, a bonus shot. here's the bride's boquet-posted for no reason other than it's b-e-a-utiful. :)

hope you're having a great weekend! :) until next time...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

lindsay + jeff (wedding)

on may 30th, i had the privilege of shooting the wedding of a college friend named lindsay and her fiance jeff. i knew from the start it was going to be a small, intimate ceremony on the beautiful grounds of tanglewood in lenox, massachusetts. i loved how these guys thought outside the box and made the day fully theirs- from the location to the colors to size of the crowd. i think the final head count was 19, including myself as photographer and the pastor who married the two of them. i think every single person attending could say that an amazing time was had.

the night before, jeff and lindsay's families hosted a fun cookout at the house they were renting for the weekend. tons of food and an opportunity to get to know everyone who'd be at the wedding on saturday.

the next morning, everyone began getting ready to head over to tanglewood. the flowers were done by the bride, and she did an amazing job!

jeff and lindsay both looked amazing... and they seemed pretty happy to be getting married. :)

after a slight scare when a perfect weather forecast turned to 30% chance of rain, the day of the wedding they were ridiculously blessed with an absolutely stunning day.

LOVE this moment right after they were pronounced husband and wife:

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. :)

the scenery was incredible! we spent so much time after the ceremony wandering around to different corners of tanglewood taking photos. kind of a dream for a photo junkie like me. :) later, we went over to a restaurant in town for some great food and conversation. the bride and groom added many personal touches to the reception site, such as the beautiful centerpieces they put together themselves, and the personalized placecards made from a photo of the person who'd be sitting in each spot.

lindsay and jeff- it was so awesome to be a part of your wedding. incredibly fun with gorgeous surroundings, and it was so moving to see the love and deep friendship between the two of you. congratulations! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

family potpourri


i've been thinking. before i move back to portland, life is only going to get crazier. MORE photos to take and LESS time in my day due to packing, sorting, shipping, de-junking, etc... so i decided to put a mishmash post of sorts together showing a few of the families i've shot in the past few months.

here are some of the awesome parents and kiddos i've spent time with. all mixed up and in no particular order. :)