Friday, September 26, 2008

erin (senior portraits)

i met up with erin, her mom, sister, and nephew last night to shoot her senior portraits. i've never met her before but did a newborn session with her sister and nephew about four months ago, and both of these women are incredibly photogenic! i loved taking each of their pictures, they make my job easy. :) erin is a confident, smart, beautiful person who i just know will have a lot of success ahead of her.

although i like them all, this is definitely my favorite from the shoot... everything from the fur collar, to the plaid of her vest, to the look in her eyes- i love it all!

Monday, September 22, 2008

amy + eli (engagement)

yesterday was a day that i kind of worried about the weather.

i woke up seeing beautiful sunshine and blue skies, but by the time i was going to meet amy and eli for their photo shoot, it looked cloudy and gray all over, like at any minute two tons of rain could dump down on our heads and give us a run for our money when trying to shoot outdoors.

i prayed that it wouldn't. :) thankfully, the bad weather held off, and i met amy and eli near union college in schenectady, ny where we took an hour to get to know each other and play around with photos and poses in preparation for their big day, coming up this november. it had been a long time since i'd last seen amy, and even then only briefly met her maybe once or twice- but getting to know them both was a great experience as they are fantastic, together and seperately. i think amy is the most laid-back bride i've ever met or worked with, which i am so excited about! they are easy to get along with and fun to be around... it's easy to see how they were drawn to each other. because they are so easygoing about their big day, i'm especially excited to see how unique this wedding will turn out to be. more to come in late november!

the ring is beautiful and belonged to her grandmother. on the antique setting you can even see a small wear spot on the inside where it rubbed against her grandmother's wedding band for so many years.

this shot reminds me of a scene from a movie like sense & sensibility

Saturday, September 20, 2008

(it's personal), vol. two

hot air balloons! as my friend sarah put it, there is something magical about them.

oh. my. goodness.

this morning i got up entirely too soon after going to bed (3am ish), threw clothes on, and went to pick up a couple of friends who agreed to accompany me on this crazy adventure. we drove for a little over an hour and ended up at the 2008 adirondack balloon festival. it was absolutely worth the effort. no, we didn't take a ride in any of them- but just being there at sunrise, watching the colors and shapes hang suspended in the air so beautifully was a sight to see.

some days, it's the most random and unexpected things that can make you feel most alive.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

annie (portrait)

not-so-long-ago, i did a brief portrait session with a friend of mine named annie. the two of us went with our friend lauren and before we got down to business, we had a few cupcakes. :)

it wasn't challenging to get good shots... this girl is gorgeous.

the past month has been slow when it comes to photography due to all my transition and moving and whatnot- i'm going through withdrawl! :) not to fear, i've booked several sessions for the end of september/early october, so more to come shortly... i'm excited!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


i've been a bit photo deprived lately. :) this morning while getting ready for my day job i happened to look out the living room window and this is what i saw. it still looks like a warm summer sunrise to me and not one you see with the chill of fall or winter... and that's just fine with me. :)