Wednesday, September 10, 2008

annie (portrait)

not-so-long-ago, i did a brief portrait session with a friend of mine named annie. the two of us went with our friend lauren and before we got down to business, we had a few cupcakes. :)

it wasn't challenging to get good shots... this girl is gorgeous.

the past month has been slow when it comes to photography due to all my transition and moving and whatnot- i'm going through withdrawl! :) not to fear, i've booked several sessions for the end of september/early october, so more to come shortly... i'm excited!


annie said...

Wow, a blog about me! Crazy!

Catching up is in definite need. I'm praying for you.

Postscript: I got those business cards from Moo and used 2 of my favorite pictures that you took of me for them. :) They are a big hit with guys for some reason. It's kind of weird. Yous a good photographer. Love you.

//nancy said...

yeah man, you're famous! :)

so glad your moo cards are a big hit. love.