Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

busy bees

in june, i shot the roe family which was an adventure, to be sure! three adorable, well-behaved boys- that are FULL of energy and enthusiasm! trying to get them to sit still and smile all at the same time took... 70% effort and 30% bribery. :) however, we had a fun shoot and in the end got some great family photos that really capture their family at this stage of the game.

the picture below is hysterical, and promises no breather for these parents in the next 18 years or so. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

(it's personal), vol. one

this photo was taken in may '08, when i was on the tail end of living in oregon and my friends lauren and john came to visit, spending their vacation with me in portland, bend, and by the coast. we had a blast. lauren and i were once college roommates, and since that time have remained the best of friends. i've seen her go through her fair share of boyfriends and she's seen me do the same- the main difference between us being that one year ago, she married the love of her life while i am still navigating this jungle of a dating scene. :) being one of the only singles left in my group of close girlfriends, i'm so fortunate and thankful that the men my girls have married are so quality. in no way have i lost my girlfriends- i've gained good friends in their spouses, too. it's an amazing deal.

i was talking with lauren earlier tonight, telling her how i notice that when we are all together, the way he is with her shows how much he loves her. he listens and actually hears what she says. he looks out for her and would move heaven and earth, if that's what she needed. there can be a dozen women in the room, and he only has eyes for one.

that's why i love this shot. words can only say so much and talk is cheap. however, this random picture snapped in the middle of a hike on a summer day shows exactly what i'm trying to say.

for him, she is it.

kristen + dan (engagement)

kristen and dan were high school sweethearts that have been dating since the 10th grade. they made it through the drama of their teenage years :), then headed to the same college for a little while, only for the last part of their relationship to turn long-distance as he finished his undergrad degree in new york and she in pennsylvania. i've known kristen for several years as she's been a good friend of my younger sister and was even a bridesmaid in her wedding this past march, and i was so excited to hear she was engaged and offered to do an engagement session. they are such a beautiful couple that will oneday have amazingly beautiful babies! :)

this is my FAVORITE picture from our session... it looks like something from a dream.

ring shots... there has been some debate as to who possesses the better rear end. ;)

a beautiful couple- and i'm sure their wedding in january 2010 will be amazing. we all had a great time on this shoot and i look forward to working with them again in the future!

sharing a bit of what i love to do.


this feels a bit awkward... the beginnings of good things sometimes do take that tone. :) i'm still a bit uncertain, yet excited and anxiously awaiting what might come just around the corner.

in short, i'm kicking it up a notch.

photography has been a love of mine for several years now. it was something i wanted to pursue almost without knowing why i wanted to pursue it. now it is a way i express and stretch myself creatively, wanting to provide the best possible shots for you and the people in your life- knowing that they are memories that'll last a lifetime.

i'm pretty sure photographs are my love language.

right now: i am available for weddings, engagements, newborns, family portraits, high school seniors, or any kind of special event/occasion you could think of. if it's photographable, i'm there.

coming soon: an official website. maybe. :) of course once it's up and running it will be updated frequently, but keep checking back to this blog for photos and stories of the people and events that come across my path.

the best is yet to be.