Wednesday, August 20, 2008

(it's personal), vol. one

this photo was taken in may '08, when i was on the tail end of living in oregon and my friends lauren and john came to visit, spending their vacation with me in portland, bend, and by the coast. we had a blast. lauren and i were once college roommates, and since that time have remained the best of friends. i've seen her go through her fair share of boyfriends and she's seen me do the same- the main difference between us being that one year ago, she married the love of her life while i am still navigating this jungle of a dating scene. :) being one of the only singles left in my group of close girlfriends, i'm so fortunate and thankful that the men my girls have married are so quality. in no way have i lost my girlfriends- i've gained good friends in their spouses, too. it's an amazing deal.

i was talking with lauren earlier tonight, telling her how i notice that when we are all together, the way he is with her shows how much he loves her. he listens and actually hears what she says. he looks out for her and would move heaven and earth, if that's what she needed. there can be a dozen women in the room, and he only has eyes for one.

that's why i love this shot. words can only say so much and talk is cheap. however, this random picture snapped in the middle of a hike on a summer day shows exactly what i'm trying to say.

for him, she is it.

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