Thursday, April 29, 2010

erin + jay (wedding)

i see a lot of weddings. A LOT. it's the nature of the biz. :)

still, despite that fact, there are some weddings that are so full of joy when the love is so deep and so solid between the bride and groom, that i find myself grinning from ear to ear the entire day, getting choked up during the ceremony, and feeling butterflies as i watch the love that is just so right.

erin and jay's day was one of those. wonderful, supportive families. beautiful people. the love and commitment between them. what a great time, and a perfect wedding day.

first, let me show you a few of the details. you know how i'm all about the details.

jay's face when he first saw his bride was just priceless. heck yes, she's beautiful!

(someone couldn't stop staring. ;))

during the reception, everybody danced. and danced, and danced, and DANCED. never have i seen so many people with such mad skills!

erin, jay- thanks for asking me to be a part of that day. i had a blast and i am so excited for the two of you as you begin your life together! congratulations. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pittsburgh schmitsburgh

growing up, i was a rather talkative, inquisitive child.

that's a polite way of saying i was a chatty pain in the rear. :) with a little grown-up perspective, i feel abit sorry for my parents and am also slightly frightened of what my own children could oneday be like, as i was always in the middle of EVERYTHING. mom, what are you doing, dad, where are you going. what's this what's that. etc.

ha. :) they couldn't really hide much from me! i asked too many questions. :) one of the ways of dealing with my inquisitiveness was to give me ridiculous answers. the funny thing is that when i'd be bothering them about where they were going and what they were doing, my dad would oftentimes look at me and say, "we're going to PITTSBURGH!" i'd die laughing, because to me that was the funniest sounding place i could ever think of.

little did i know that i'd end up going to school close to pittsburgh, and that one of my best friends and her family would settle there.

it was fate. :)

this past weekend, i went to pittsburgh! no lyin'! my friend and her husband had the sweetest little baby about four months ago, so i trekked cross-country to do a little work and also to meet jonah ryan. check out how smitten i found myself to be:

very. very very smitten.

lauren and john are amazing parents and as you can see, there's a lot of love in this family. check out these beautiful people:

i feel so thankful for airplanes. the past few months i've played ping-pong across the country, going from portland to mississippi to portland to new york back to portland to pittsburgh then home again. all these wonderful people i've been able to spend time with and love! modern technology is amazing and i do not take it for granted. besides spending time with these friends, i was also able to catch up with a few other treasured friends from college days, and see parts of the city i'd never explored before.

my life is crazy and busy and not at all what i'd expected, but i promise you, i love it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

a little somethin' somethin'



even though i have no time (!) to blog this week, i'm going to post a little post here just because not having blogged anything for three weeks is pathetic. ha!

last night i got in late after an extremely busy (but enjoyable) weekend, and i was just overwhelmed. i mean... how will i get it all done? there are a million and one things to accomplish between today and friday before i leave town again and i don't know how it will be physically possible. so, after midnight, i was having a good little mental freak out session seeing what i could cut out IMMEDIATELY. everything fun must go. work work work. besides being busier than busy, my house is a wreck! oh man, and i can hardly thing straight when my stuff is everywhere. it feels like my brain is just everywhere. chaos. then i got ahold of myself, took a deep breath and realized that nothing is so crucial that it can't wait another week, if need be. things will happen. the earth won't stop turning. it'll all work out.

if you're having one of those weeks too and it's only monday morning- don't worry. it'll all work out. :)

this photo says all that to me. enjoy the little things. simmer. relax. if you're friends with me on facebook you've already seen this shot but either way, happiest of mondays to you and enjoy every day this week.