Thursday, April 29, 2010

erin + jay (wedding)

i see a lot of weddings. A LOT. it's the nature of the biz. :)

still, despite that fact, there are some weddings that are so full of joy when the love is so deep and so solid between the bride and groom, that i find myself grinning from ear to ear the entire day, getting choked up during the ceremony, and feeling butterflies as i watch the love that is just so right.

erin and jay's day was one of those. wonderful, supportive families. beautiful people. the love and commitment between them. what a great time, and a perfect wedding day.

first, let me show you a few of the details. you know how i'm all about the details.

jay's face when he first saw his bride was just priceless. heck yes, she's beautiful!

(someone couldn't stop staring. ;))

during the reception, everybody danced. and danced, and danced, and DANCED. never have i seen so many people with such mad skills!

erin, jay- thanks for asking me to be a part of that day. i had a blast and i am so excited for the two of you as you begin your life together! congratulations. :)

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