Tuesday, December 21, 2010

there are certain moments...

... moments where i stop and remember. this is why i do what i do. this makes me feel, think, be inspired. and this was one of those times. i'd forgotten all about this shot from a late october wedding until i was just now sorting through the images and as i noticed the photo, it put a big ol' smile on my face. (again). i love life. the beginning, end, and i'm learning to love the middle. life is rich and full of amazing lessons and blessings.

merry christmas, happy new year, and thanks for sharing in my business and my life. i appreciate you!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(safe families)

today i wanted to highlight an amazing organization i'll be working with over the next several months. some of the photos appearing on their blog will be stuff i've shot, and i'm honored to have a small part in showing you pieces of the work that they're doing every single day. check out the website below- if what they offer to families in need resonates with you, i'd encourage you to find a way to get involved. whether it's time, finances, or spreading awareness- support this team that helps parents and kids make it through seasons that aren't so easy.

Safe Families (WA) blog | Stories from the Safe Families movement in Washington State

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

holiday cheer

so, it's christmastime.

(haha, nothing like a thursday morning post to be captain obvious. :))

christmas is a season for lots of things, including actual MAIL in your mailbox (as opposed to bills or catalogs or ads) filled with wishes of a great new year and sometimes the latest photos of families that you hold close to your heart. i love those. there's just something about a piece of real mail that brings joy to the heart.

speaking of great families. i have to show you chad and heather's brood. they are just darling.

i spent part of an afternoon with this crowd last month, and just had a blast capturing them as they interacted and played together. it makes me happy when families know how to love. these guys do. check 'em out.