Sunday, March 28, 2010

two two two

tomorrow, the 29th of march, my sister and bro-in-law will have been married two years. i'm proud of them for continuing to work so hard to make their relationship better all the time- they're amazing and i love them.

what a pair of cuties. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

mississippi lovin'.

one of the things that i love about taking photographs is the opportunity to observe love inside of a family.

this family could be just two people who have chosen to walk through life together, or it could be a whole gang. :)

here are a few shots from my trip down south earlier this month. great people, amazing times.

... oh, and lots of love.

(yep, i know that's pretty cheeseball. i am what i am.)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

staying hydrated.

q: what does one do with an evening full of plans, an aching head and a sore throat?

a: cancel the plans, go to bed, go directly to bed- do not pass go, do not collect $200- and sip on tea while watching julie & julia off netflix instant watch. (thanks, netflix.)

BAH. i am not a fan of getting sick, especially when the weather is sooo fine! today (i kid you not) i was taking a late afternoon walk through my neighborhood and i came to the outskirts of where all the restaurants and coffeeshops halt, and downtown is just over yonder that-a-way. on the right, there was (what could be described as) a perfectly grassy knoll. on top of said knoll sat an AMAZING fiddle player, practicing her heart out, playing for no one in particular and everyone in the neighborhood.

it was awe-inspiring.

i plopped down at the edge of the grass and listened.

i love where i live. there's so much life and beauty here.

anywho! i would've taken a photo but she finished just as i was getting ready to go back to my house. and besides, i was so on the verge at that point, my head was feeling fuzzy for sure. i told her that she played beautifully and it absolutely made my day... she replied and said that it was nice of me to stop and listen. so lovely.

i just woke up from a cold-induced 6pm nap, and figured i should tell you my tale. a good middle of my day that (unfortunately) ended with canceled plans and a sore throat. but hey, sometimes you can't have it all!

so, you know that lovely day at the beach i was telling you about earlier? it all became rather comical as we battled the wind and the rain ALL. STINKING. DAY. we (the four of us girls who went) still had an amazing time, but unfortunately i was not horribly inspired to use my camera. i was instead trying to keep the rain and the wind from pelting my eyeballs. :) ha. this is the only photo that i truly love from that day currently in my possession. amanda's face is making an amanda expression and she had no idea i was setting up for this shot. sneak attack!

before beach time, will and i met two awesome friends at my favorite portland breakfast place and accidentally happened to run into another pair of friends (hi, lisa! thanks for the awesome design work!!) and then enjoyed this breakfast that almost ate us. check THESE out:

so delicious!
i was really too busy eating my own delightful dish to focus too much on pictures. yum-o.

i still have a post full of mississippian families to share with you. maybe tomorrow if i'm stuck, sick in my pj's it will be more incentive to blog. :)


today i had a wonderful maternity shoot with a woman and her dog in a beautiful local park.


a week from today i fly back to new york for quite a long span, to capture 2 weddings and 12 families. woot woot!

more to come. i need to hunt down some vitamins and make more tea. until next time!

Friday, March 19, 2010

today, i...

- sang along to james taylor in the car.
- went shopping and bought things that are the colors of raspberries, lemons, and perfect blue skies.
- co-cooked a KILLER meal, yum-o.
- thought seriously and then tried to get off the thinking train. (sometimes i never stop thinking. it's good for me to take a breather. :))
- had an honest conversation with someone who i feel quite intimidated by.
- stood and stared at mt. hood in the distance with the 4 o'clock sun at my back and the breeze in my hair.

... all in all, a very good day.

tomorrow: breakfast with friends and then a day at the beach.
even better.
photos to come. of course!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

michelle + cale (wedding)

so. i love love.

i am one of the sappiest people in all the land... i promise. :) i think i've always been that way, ever since i was a little girl. one might label me as a hopeless romantic of sorts, and i believe this is pretty accurate because even completely against the odds, i still believe in love and i know that it's out there. i know it in my heart and i know it because i see it.

cale and michelle are one of those examples that make me confident that it's out there. they are the real deal.

this wedding was such a great mix of amazing elements. beautiful day, beautiful church, beautiful couple, happy friends and family, awesome filipino food made by the mother of the bride, a hysterically funny toast given by the best man, rockstar cake, good music. what a winner!

cale, michelle- congrats. being a part of your day was absolutely wonderful.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

where i've been at.

for about a week, i was spending time with this little chickadee:

oh! the squishy cuteness of it all!

i traveled down to mississippi to hang out with my friend heather (the mother of said squishy cute little chickadee) and also to work. a total of 8 GREAT family shoots, booyah!

(heather and her baby girl. there's a lot of love here!)

more photos from those family shoots, soon.

i came home to a cute new house in such a great part of town, but currently it looks like this:

(please take note of all the unpacked boxes and bags, plus our awesome makeshift blanket-curtains on the far side of the living room. haha. classy, no?)

this is what happens when you move, 3 days later leave town, and then come back. i will spare you from the rest of the clutter, but i'll be sure and give you a "grand tour" once we're all settled. which should be in approximately 6 months, based on our schedules. ha. don't hold your breath.

this morning, i'm up bright & early prepping for the wedding of these people. yay for michelle and cale! so excited for their wedding and i'm hoping that it warms up abit between now and 2:30, because baby, it's cold outside! regardless, i'm so excited to show you photos from their wedding in SE portland.

until next time! happy weekending. :)