Tuesday, March 16, 2010

michelle + cale (wedding)

so. i love love.

i am one of the sappiest people in all the land... i promise. :) i think i've always been that way, ever since i was a little girl. one might label me as a hopeless romantic of sorts, and i believe this is pretty accurate because even completely against the odds, i still believe in love and i know that it's out there. i know it in my heart and i know it because i see it.

cale and michelle are one of those examples that make me confident that it's out there. they are the real deal.

this wedding was such a great mix of amazing elements. beautiful day, beautiful church, beautiful couple, happy friends and family, awesome filipino food made by the mother of the bride, a hysterically funny toast given by the best man, rockstar cake, good music. what a winner!

cale, michelle- congrats. being a part of your day was absolutely wonderful.


danielle said...

what a BEAUTIFUL bride and the day looked so fun!

aubrey said...

gorgeous. the wedding and the photography :)

//nancy said...

danielle & aubrey- the day was a blast! and i agree... beautiful bride, beautiful wedding.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness Nancy. I had no idea this was up! What a blessing you were to Cale and I. We've yet to post our pictures on the infamous Facebook. But just you wait for praises galore from everyone. :) Many blessings to you!!