Saturday, March 13, 2010

where i've been at.

for about a week, i was spending time with this little chickadee:

oh! the squishy cuteness of it all!

i traveled down to mississippi to hang out with my friend heather (the mother of said squishy cute little chickadee) and also to work. a total of 8 GREAT family shoots, booyah!

(heather and her baby girl. there's a lot of love here!)

more photos from those family shoots, soon.

i came home to a cute new house in such a great part of town, but currently it looks like this:

(please take note of all the unpacked boxes and bags, plus our awesome makeshift blanket-curtains on the far side of the living room. haha. classy, no?)

this is what happens when you move, 3 days later leave town, and then come back. i will spare you from the rest of the clutter, but i'll be sure and give you a "grand tour" once we're all settled. which should be in approximately 6 months, based on our schedules. ha. don't hold your breath.

this morning, i'm up bright & early prepping for the wedding of these people. yay for michelle and cale! so excited for their wedding and i'm hoping that it warms up abit between now and 2:30, because baby, it's cold outside! regardless, i'm so excited to show you photos from their wedding in SE portland.

until next time! happy weekending. :)

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