Wednesday, March 3, 2010

coast to coast

monday i was in seattle.

today i'll be in mississippi. whee! the marvels of modern travel and a job that brings me back and forth to opposite coasts. :) i enjoy variety so this definitely works well on my end.

i should be double-checking what i'm bringing for my trip, so i'll cut this short for now, but i wanted to post a shot of the space needle with some spring blooms. so sorry to all of you who are still looking at snowbanks on your front lawn! spring has definitely arrived in the pacific northwest. i love it and must confess that i don't miss the snow at all. (not even a little. :))

i'll write more soon... enjoy your day!


danielle said...

what a beautiful photo..have a great trip! :)

Sarah said...


//nancy said...

danielle and sarah- thanks!

... and i love visiting the south. :) i'm sure my time here will be great.