Wednesday, March 3, 2010

urban cowgirl

sleep isn't really necessary... is it? :) oh man, i wish!

there are so many times where i'm exhausted, but then stay awake past the point of sleep so that i'm still tired but have a strange sort of second wind. sheesh. i'd blame it on the travel, but i'm like this at home, too. :) ah well! i'm just slightly concerned about keeping up with my friend heather's toddler tomorrow... and i know that the little peanut will be awake and raring to go in about five hours. so i'll keep this short and make myself sleep, asap.

before sleep, i wanted to post these shots of alexis, because i loooove her style. this girl adores the 80's, and she rocks it in such a modern, fun way. for her shoot, we walked around downtown portland and also hit up the waterfront... the setting was absolutely perfect for who she is!

i seriously can't decide which edit i like better on this photo- this one:

or this one:

she looks amazing, either way!

such a great day. such a fabulous person! and, something a little different for you to enjoy. :) now, sleep is calling my name... goodnight!

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