Friday, February 18, 2011

adventures in second shooting.

last december, i was totally honored to shoot a wedding with mr. bryan rupp. not to be too mushy-gushy, but i totally respect this dude's work. it's pretty much my fave. can i be honest with you though? it was WEIRD to be the second shooter and not the one running the show! all day i had an internal dialogue going, reminding myself that this was bryan's deal and i needed to follow his lead. haha, it completely threw me that i didn't have to be the one in charge!

in spite of my silly "simmer down, i'm not the main photog" speech that was on repeat inside my mind, it was a great day. corbin and danielle were so incredibly chill, i wish i could bottle their attitudes and sell it on you know, happy, laid-back bride and groom potion. :) they simply focused on having a good time with their friends, family, and each other- such a beautiful holiday wedding.

beautiful wedding, beautiful gray december day. so glad i was able to be there. bryan, thanks again for the opportunity to shoot with you! i had a blast.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

coming soon!

soon to the blog! pictures from danielle and corbin's wedding where i was second shooting with bryan rupp.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


laura wrote:

Aw, just one? ;) I'll pick our son, Gavin. I'm so blessed to be the mama to a little boy who is so full of energy and curiosity about the world and all its people and critters. He's amazing to watch.

Bonus: He'll still likes to cuddle when we read together!"

congratulations, commenter #9! :) send me an email and we can pick a time and date for your free photoshoot.

to everyone who participated and shared about people in their lives that they love: THANK YOU! it was so wonderful reading about the folks that you treasure.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

love is all you need.

who do you love?

it could be your mom. your son, your daughter. your husband. your girlfriend. your best friend you've known for 20 years. it could be your cousin or your stepdad.

in honor of valentine's day, i want to hear about it.

leave a comment on this blog entry. tell me, in a paragraph or less, something good about one person in your life that you love.

from the comments, one winner will be drawn at random for a free lifestyle shoot. 45-60 minutes of shoot time, all post production work, and about 50 photos in high resolution on a disc, to use/print/share however you like.

so... tell me. :)

(the fine print)
- free shoot must be scheduled and redeemed prior to 10/31/11
- eligible for redemption in either the albany, new york or portland, oregon areas
- all comments must be posted by 9pm PST on 2/14/11 to be eligible
- scheduling is subject to availability and travel schedules

Thursday, February 10, 2011

updated website! annnd a little something extra.

hello, hello!

my website (nancynoble).photography is now up and running with heaps and loads of new photos including 2 featured weddings from 2010. check it out!

in honor of this upcoming holiday of love, i'll also be holding a drawing of sorts in just a few days. check back by 5pm on sunday the 13th for more details! there just may be a free shoot involved. you just may be interested. just sayin'. :)

talk with you soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

chad + stacey (wedding)

this post is long overdue.

long, long, long. see, i'm not always great at consistently blogging. (<--- captain obvious statement, right over yonder.) ahem. moving right along.

i got to know these two pretty well over the course of preparing for and shooting their wedding. (i love when that happens!) when their big day finally arrived, i knew that the whole shebang HAD to make it onto my blog. and... i told them this would be the case. however, just as soon as those words were out of my mouth, the season hit high gear and all i was doing was trying to keep up with work and travel and a little bit of life. taking the time to blog this wedding the way i'd wanted to definitely went on my back burner. but now, in the gloomy cold of winter, we all have a chance to enjoy the story of their big day and the beautiful colors of summer. :) all's well that ends well?

one thing i loved about this couple is their sense of adventure. literally- they were up for anything. yes, that is stacey after several hours of getting ready for her wedding day. yes, she is crossing a river to get to a shoot location. with no assistance. and yes, she has killer balance and coordination, because there wasn't even one close call! bam. go super bride, go.

their actual ceremony was at a family friend's home, overlooking a beautiful lake in upstate new york. family and friends stood closeby to watch chad and stacey say their vows to each other.

...afterwards, there was much celebration. :) who doesn't love a party?

chad, stace, your day was beautiful. i so appreciate the love that you have for each other and the way you celebrated that love on your wedding day. a belated congratulations, and thank you for letting me be a part of your life together!