Sunday, February 13, 2011

love is all you need.

who do you love?

it could be your mom. your son, your daughter. your husband. your girlfriend. your best friend you've known for 20 years. it could be your cousin or your stepdad.

in honor of valentine's day, i want to hear about it.

leave a comment on this blog entry. tell me, in a paragraph or less, something good about one person in your life that you love.

from the comments, one winner will be drawn at random for a free lifestyle shoot. 45-60 minutes of shoot time, all post production work, and about 50 photos in high resolution on a disc, to use/print/share however you like.

so... tell me. :)

(the fine print)
- free shoot must be scheduled and redeemed prior to 10/31/11
- eligible for redemption in either the albany, new york or portland, oregon areas
- all comments must be posted by 9pm PST on 2/14/11 to be eligible
- scheduling is subject to availability and travel schedules


Marisa DiCocco said...

I love my daughter Milena!! She has only been around for 6 1/2 weeks but I have been in love with her since I knew I was pregnant in April 2010 :))) and I love her so much because she is a mix of my husband and myself, and to see my husband love her melts my heart :)))

danielle @ take heart said...

what in the world!

i am going to have to go with my precious Jesus. He is teaching a whole lot in my life right now…how to better love my husband, my kids and how to find complete joy in Him - not in circumstances. and i love you friend!

Ali Schultz said...

What a fun idea, Nancy! I love lots of people, but today I'll pick my sister. I love her for always writing me gentle words of encouragement, for laughing endlessly with me, and for always reminding me what qualities I hope to have as a woman walking with Christ by exhibiting them in her own life. Happy V-day! Love you!

ko said...

Girl, it's hard to pick just one! But if I had to pick right this very second, I'm gonna have to go with my best girl Vicki. She has been with me through thick and thin, high and low and is one of my biggest cheerleaders, encouragers and fans in my life! Love that girl to pieces!!!

Brandi said...

I would totally pick my sister. Despite all she's been through, she keeps on trucking and reaching for something better and is always there for me. Distance may keep us physically separate, but we're always in touch with each other's souls!

Laura said...

I also hate that I have to pick just one....I'm gonna go with my husband Nick...but i need to throw out that the little one growing inside me is part of him, so I'm kinda choosing both =)....He is a living example of a husband who loves his wife more than himself...He respects and cares for me in every way possible....i'm tearing up just typing it.

Sara said...

I love my daughter Micheala! She is the love of my life and getting so big every day I would love to win a photo shoot and have more great pictures of her to save. You did such an amazing job with her the last time!

Sarah said...

Our son, Tobias Robert! I am humbled that the Lord chose us to be his parents ,and we are blessed everyday by his presence. I love who he is; his beautiful personality already showing! I love that there is no one else like him; a unique creation of the Lord. I love that Toby represents the love his father and I share, and that his life shows us the goodness of God.

Laura- A Creative Scrivener said...

Aw, just one? ;) I'll pick our son, Gavin. I'm so blessed to be the mama to a little boy who is so full of energy and curiosity about the world and all its people and critters. He's amazing to watch.

Bonus: He'll still likes to cuddle when we read together!

Much Valentine's love to you dear Nancy, my West Coast friend.

Maggie O'Dea said...

It would have to be my mom. She has taught me so much through example how to be a wife and mother and I don't know how I could've gotten so far in life without her. So mom, I know we aren't the most affectionate to each other, and I love you's are few and far between, but I hope you know that I love you and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

Thanks Nancy :) This was awesome!

Maggie Olson said...

I met Brandon when I was a sophomore in college. We became instant best friends. We always create fun memories out of the simplest adventures, and he makes me laugh like no one else. Brandon is the most caring, generous, and intelligent man I know. He proposed to me last October by building me a remote detonator which sparked my very own fireworks display in the park. Most people fall in love and become best friends with their partner, but I can truly say I fell in love with my best friend. I love Brandon!!

Life Together, Life Free said...

Matt and I would both agree we are in LOVE. With each other, and with this amazing little boy that has changed out lives. Every day the three of us snuggle, kiss and hug and play together and watch Emmott grow. Its like watching our love for each other grow. It brings so many things into perspective, like how the Lord loved us so much to send Jesus, and this astonishing thought that our own parents love us as much as we love Emmott. My cup overfloweth.

Leisha said...

The person I love is my fiance, Fred. From the moment we met, I've never had to wonder about his feelings for me. He goes very much out of his way to both tell me and show me his love. His life is committed to sacrificial service for the vulnerable, and I feel honored to be invited to merge my life with his. He's the man I've been waiting for - a passionate leader who follows Christ, loves justice, and loves me.

Sarah Sprague said...

I love my husband Aaron! He completely lights up my life, makes me laugh, still makes my heart swell when I think of him! I can still remember asking God to send me a life-long friend, very shortly after that I met Aaron :) He is an amazing husband and father, I love seeing him with our babies, undescribable joy!

Mandy Cornick said...


I'm going to have to say my Lord and Savior. He saved me, healed me, brought me a great provider for a husband and two miracles babies. Life is not easy but I know with Jesus on my side I CAN do all things and miracles DO happen. Thanks Nancy!

ann @ my life as prose. said...

i love this :)

but i'm also going to say my husband. he's my life. and he's so very good to me. he is the grace of God personified in my life in physical form. :)

*hope i win!!*

thezsfamily said...

Nan, I know I can't "really" participate in this, but I had to chime in.
I love you. :) I do, and you know it! It's crazy to think we've been friends "from a distance" for so much longer than we've been "close" friends (and you know these terms refer only to physical location, not at all to the level of our friendship).
My heart sings when I think about your beautiful (and colorful) journey, your courage to step out and live without holding back, and your faith to believe that God's plan IS GOOD and is FULL OF LOVE and is WORTHY OF YOUR WHOLEHEARTED TRUST.
With tears in my eyes, a longing to see you in my heart, and praise in my soul, I LOVE YOU, dear friend.

From far and away,

The Fox Foodie said...

I am in so in love with my wonderful boyfriend Raymond. Every day he showers me with so much love, affection, kindness and respect. Every moment I get spend with him is a blessing from God.

Every moment I'm with my loving girlfriend Kami, I believe more deeply and sincerely how love transforms us. My life is a representation how grateful I am for God extending His love through Kami. I wish to capture colorful images of a living love that is in a season of beauty, hope, and dreams toward the future.
-Raymond D.