Thursday, February 10, 2011

updated website! annnd a little something extra.

hello, hello!

my website (nancynoble).photography is now up and running with heaps and loads of new photos including 2 featured weddings from 2010. check it out!

in honor of this upcoming holiday of love, i'll also be holding a drawing of sorts in just a few days. check back by 5pm on sunday the 13th for more details! there just may be a free shoot involved. you just may be interested. just sayin'. :)

talk with you soon.


Anonymous said...

Girl! You must come here to MS as soon as I pop this baby out. She wants fabulous pictures too! (and I bet there are other people around here who want fabulous pictures too...but you already know that!) -Heidi

//nancy said...

heidi! oh... i HOPE we can make that happen! keep me posted! :) hi to your lovely fam!