Wednesday, August 22, 2012

little boo (it's personal)

well, hello all.

i JUST NOW realized i have never posted on this topic and i figured i'd better do that before some of you see me out and about at shoots and weddings and think i'd better lay off the donuts ;) - we are expecting a baby! and hard to believe (!!!) but the pregnancy is almost halfway over.

i took this photo on my phone about a week and a half ago and even since then i think our little boy or girl has definitely grown. before i know it he or she will be here and we are both SO thrilled to add this baby to our family.

the only way i anticipate this affecting my business: less blogging and posting, as maybe you've noticed. not that i was FABULOUS at doing that anyway, ;) but now my days have a lot less energy (growing a person is hard work!) and i'm focusing on my shoots, editing, and doing what i can to settle the hubs and i into our new place before the baby gets here in january. thankfully new york winters are notoriously chilly and non-photo friendly, so the fact that i'll need a little maternity leave? no big deal. i'm usually just working on my bookings for the next year at that time, anyway. :)

it's pretty surreal to think that in just a matter of months our lives will change forever. being a mother is something i've thought about and waited for my entire life and i just can't wait to see what kind of little person he or she will be. we're very thankful for this babe and i'll be sure and keep you posted as the little one gets ready to make its arrival. :)