Friday, February 18, 2011

adventures in second shooting.

last december, i was totally honored to shoot a wedding with mr. bryan rupp. not to be too mushy-gushy, but i totally respect this dude's work. it's pretty much my fave. can i be honest with you though? it was WEIRD to be the second shooter and not the one running the show! all day i had an internal dialogue going, reminding myself that this was bryan's deal and i needed to follow his lead. haha, it completely threw me that i didn't have to be the one in charge!

in spite of my silly "simmer down, i'm not the main photog" speech that was on repeat inside my mind, it was a great day. corbin and danielle were so incredibly chill, i wish i could bottle their attitudes and sell it on you know, happy, laid-back bride and groom potion. :) they simply focused on having a good time with their friends, family, and each other- such a beautiful holiday wedding.

beautiful wedding, beautiful gray december day. so glad i was able to be there. bryan, thanks again for the opportunity to shoot with you! i had a blast.

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