Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a couple of crazy kids in love.

hey, look!

i'm blogging on a semi-regular basis! ca-raaaaa-zy. :D

maybe new year's resolutions of sorts kick in during mid-february for me? :) just maybe.


like i mentioned before, this past weekend i met up with michelle + cale to shoot their engagement photos. we had about an hour's worth of daylight to burn in the midst of an extremely busy season of life for these two, and i was also crossing my fingers that the fickle weather of these parts would stay rain-less for just that hour. it all worked out perfectly, and these photos show several things about these two and their relationship that i just absolutely love.

. michelle has a smile which lights up almost every photo
. cale loves to watch michelle and her smile. :)
. they are both generous, giving, and loving- towards everyone.
. they have a GREAT sense of humor.

we had so much fun walking around washington park in northwest portland on a crazy busy saturday afternoon. michelle was coming straight from her bridal shower- what a champ! these photos warm my heart and bring a little grin to my face. i just love love.

coming up:

- on a personal note, i'm getting ready to move! my roommates and i are moving from an apartment in the 'burbs to a cute little orange house on the east side of the city. :) hip hip hooray! once we get in there, i'll post a few photos of our new place.

- i'm TRAVELING to mississippi again in early march and so looking forward to shooting some lovely southerners during the week that i'm down there! hooray for warmer weather and deep fried everything. :)

- michelle and cale's wedding in mid-march! i can't wait to capture these lovebirds on their big day. :)

hope you all are having a lovely week!


The Orchard News said...

nancy, you are amazing. these photos are so beautiful! wonderful work, as always!

- beka :)

//nancy said...

thanks so much, beka! :) you're the sweetest. have a great rest of your week!

Leah said...

These pictures are just lovely Nancy! Excellent shoot.

//nancy said...

thanks, leah. :) appreciate your kind words. have a great weekend!