Sunday, February 7, 2010

being okay while not being okay. aka, lessons in life.

i know i owe you part two of matt & lisette's wonderful celebration. i totally am still there. :) coming soon, promise. but i have to confess, this has been a week. know what i mean? lots of times i struggle with what i should write or how i should say it here in this blog, because hey, this is a business. i need to be professional. professional, schraschmessinal. :) you know what? i value honesty and transparency a whole heck of a lot more than professionalism. and seriously, it's been A WEEK.

those of you who might jump to the worst possible conclusions, please don't. it's alright. i'm okay. and i've been through enough in my life to know that this too shall pass. happier times ahead. but this is definitely a valley and my heart feels the weight. even though that is totally the absolute truth, i have hope in trying times, and i am truly thankful for all the treasures in my life that make the bumps in the road a little bit easier to stomach. life isn't perfect, people are damaged and full of tweaks. sometimes we face huge disappointments. we don't always get even close to what our hearts desire. and that's okay. that's what hope is for. hope is for times like these. to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and just keep swimming, even if we feel a bit like drowning would be a better alternative. keep on keeping on, when we'd rather not.

hope is for weeks exactly like this.

hope is for goodness, somewhere out there, for things that are bigger than ourselves, and for lost mittens on strings that might someday be reunited to their mates.

goodnight, friends. choose hope. i'm going to.

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