Monday, February 8, 2010

lisette + matt (part two)

monday = not so bad.

you who are not from the pacific northwest, did you know that it was about 50 degrees and sunny today? in FEBRUARY!?! oh my goodness, it was amazing. sometimes us pacificnorthwesterners forget what it's like to have the sun in our eyes during the winter season, and then when we get random days like today when it's not overcast/raining, it's a burst of pure happy. i ran some errands and tromped about the portland metro area soaking in lots of vitamin d. so lovely.

tonight, it's just me and toaster (my roommate's cat) chillin' at the apartment. have i mentioned we're moving? by the end of this month we're transitioning from a basic apartment in the 'burbs to a cute little orange (!) house in north portland. sadly, toaster isn't coming with. i'll miss him, kind of. ha. he's cute but also a pain in the rear. ever met a passive aggressive cat? that's this guy.

do you see the gleam? that evil little gleam? ;) it's there, alright. silly toaster.


tonight it's just toaster and me, a mug of tea, and my thoughts. and one thought was that i'd finish this two-part blog post from lisette & matt's fabulous wedding reception. 'cause we all know where blogging goes when i'm busy... right out the window. :) and today is the quietest day this week is going to see.

today i finished these photos to send to matt, lisette, and their family- and as i was editing i had the thought that i wish i could show you ALL of these. it was a day full of hugs and drinks and laughter and dancing. and really, i don't feel as though you can possibly see what i saw unless you had the chance to flip through all 501 images. :) unfortunately, i think that would probably be overkill. but i just loved these photos and i loved how these people laughed and loved and danced that day. check out the rest of what i've got to show you here:

congratulations, matt + lisette! i thoroughly enjoyed your scandanavian/belizean celebration... which took place in a japanese pagoda. :) hooray for tradition and cultures, and also for love.

speaking of love, today i started thinking about sunday. valentine's day. and i really wanted to go to a craft store, and look for red and pink paper, markers, glue, and LOADS of glitter. you know... for valentine-making. if i get around to it, i promise to show you what i've got. to be continued... :)

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