Wednesday, August 20, 2008

kristen + dan (engagement)

kristen and dan were high school sweethearts that have been dating since the 10th grade. they made it through the drama of their teenage years :), then headed to the same college for a little while, only for the last part of their relationship to turn long-distance as he finished his undergrad degree in new york and she in pennsylvania. i've known kristen for several years as she's been a good friend of my younger sister and was even a bridesmaid in her wedding this past march, and i was so excited to hear she was engaged and offered to do an engagement session. they are such a beautiful couple that will oneday have amazingly beautiful babies! :)

this is my FAVORITE picture from our session... it looks like something from a dream.

ring shots... there has been some debate as to who possesses the better rear end. ;)

a beautiful couple- and i'm sure their wedding in january 2010 will be amazing. we all had a great time on this shoot and i look forward to working with them again in the future!


ShannonK.CenterAveImaging said...

Great images Nancy!! I'm so excited for you and the doors photography will open for you. You're very talented! Way to go!! Cheers,Shannon

//nancy said...

thanks shannon! :) even this blog was from your suggestion... i appreciate all your help in getting me going in the right direction!