Sunday, June 14, 2009

sneak peek! (lilly + andrew)

happy sunday afternoon to you!

today is pretty busy... i've got a few family shoots very shortly, but as i was sitting here eating some chocolate chip cookie dough soy ice cream (i need my strength! ha :)) and checking my email, i thought i'd also post a picture from yesterday's wedding.

lilly and andrew got married yesterday (congratulations!) and what i loved about their celebration was how many traditions and emphasis on heritage there was throughout the wedding. this photo is the groom's wedding band- the one he was expecting (the darker titanium one to the left) and the actual band, which was a total surprise to him from his bride. it incorporates both traditional and black diamonds throughout the design and was made BY THE BRIDE'S FATHER. he makes jewelry as a hobby. how cool is that?!

you should've seen the look on the groom's face during the ceremony as he saw the surprise ring, and then looked straight at his new father-in-law to thank him. what a beautiful moment.

and one more, a bonus shot. here's the bride's boquet-posted for no reason other than it's b-e-a-utiful. :)

hope you're having a great weekend! :) until next time...

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