Wednesday, July 15, 2009

andrew + lilly (wedding)

well, i'm (very happily) on the other side of the country.

thanks for your patience and sorry for the blog silence as i was a) prepping to move, b) moving, and c) settling in! believe it or not i shot my first wedding on the west coast 4 days after i arrived and had a blast. it's really great to be jumping in with work right away... although unpacking and organizing definitely does take a back seat. :)

down to business! i have a LOT of blogging to catch up on- a lot of photos to share. to start, i wanted to show you photos from andrew and lilly's wedding in upstate new york about a month ago. i first shot this couple when we did their engagement photos (bravely) in the middle of ridiculous cold which is characteristic of a new york winter! we took them on the college campus where they met, and thankfully there were places indoors where we could spend most of our time. after i got the photos back from this session, i KNEW they'd be a fantastic looking couple on their wedding day!

one of the things i loved the most about andrew and lilly's wedding was the way they incorporated aspects of their heritage throughout. they are a very modern, trendy couple... but they both very much appreciate the traditions of their past. i could tell that these traditions were meaningful to the two of them and also to their families.

i arrived at the church VERY early to shoot the girls as they got ready for the 10am wedding. by the time i'd arrived i think they'd had plenty of coffee- everyone was alive :) and excited about the day!

in the "sneak peek" blog, i'd mentioned that the father of the bride made the groom's wedding band- this is the amateur jeweler himself! the nicest, kindest man. i heard a rumor that his wife has multiple wedding sets (also made by her husband) that she can wear, depending on what she feels like that day. :) very fun.

the cake was absolutely breathtaking and matched the color of the bridesmaids' dresses exactly!

these guys know how to party! :) serenading the bride with a little kc & jojo.

the entire group at the reception! my favorite: the guy in back who couldn't help but wave. hello there! :)

all in all: a wonderful, beautiful day. thanks lilly and andrew, for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event. i wish you the best as you start your life together!

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