Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i love art, i love africa = win/win

have you ever heard of this organization called IEFT? it's a nonprofit, co-founded by these two people below:

the goal: providing quality education to kids in rural tanzania. good stuff.

this past sunday was the 3rd annual "art for africa" event held at springbox gallery in northwest portland. not that it should be any big surprise that i love art, but i do. spending time in this particular gallery is always one of my favorite things. i never thought i'd appreciate large pieces of sculpture so much, but they're amazing! it's incredible what people can do with different mediums, and i love being in this place where you can see and experience these unique creations.

trust me, this is just a small sampling of what springbox has to offer. it's a great place and i definitely recommend checking it out for yourself. anyway, during the evening there was a silent auction, a presentation on the school, mingling over food and drink, and live music. i was busy taking photos, but even i had an amazing time. here are a few more shots from the event:

congrats, staff and volunteers who helped to make sunday such a success on behalf of orkeeswa secondary school!

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