Wednesday, November 3, 2010

this is what it looks like

lately when i travel i find that i'm becoming less and less adaptable to different time zones. it's almost two am in new york and i'm not tired, not even a wink.
guess that means i'm getting old and set in my ways? :)

before this gets ridiculous and i end up napping tomorrow away because i didn't even TRY to make myself fall asleep, i wanted to post some shots i took almost a month ago of an absolutely beautiful couple that i spent a little time trying to capture- honestly, this is one of my favorite shoots of the year. first of all, these two are so kind and fun to be around. they're just great. secondly- they've known each other since they were kids- then they married young- and 30 years later their love is obviously still there. they so enjoy being together and it's awesome to watch. i'm sure life hasn't been perfect or easy all the time, but i can't imagine a better fate than being married to your best friend and living life side-by-side like they do.

instead of continuing to ramble, fully revealing the sap that i am :) how 'bout i show you some of the photos, yeah?

so much laughter and life. here's to another 30 years. :)


Nancy said...

Beautiful, Nan!

alexis rose said...

you already know you're lovely and talented, but i love these. love that you were able to capture how much in love they still are after 30 years. beautiful, in more than just composition.

//nancy said...

thanks so much!!

seriously, if either of you knew these wonderful people, you'd love these photos even more. they are just great.

Marisa DiGesare said...

I am just looking at these for the first time! O my goodness I'm not being biased but these two are so stinking cute and I just Love them!

Cara said...

Nancy... these are phenomenal! They are amazing (the photos and the couple) Marisa - you are not biased they are one of the cutest, most in love couples I have ever met. What a blessing they are!