Saturday, March 19, 2011

portland loves cambodia

oh hey, hi, hello.

the past few days i've been sick... which isn't all that unusual. i mean, i usually catch a whopper once in the fall and then again in the spring. other than that- healthy as a horse. this year's semi-annual sickness seems to have been sponsored by harrison ford movies, which have kept me somewhat sane in my feverish state. :) hurrah for that!

i'm getting excited about this year's "busy season"- which is right around the corner! it's hard to believe that spring is here and i am once again refreshed and ready to start shooting. part of this building excitement was looking over some of the work from 2010- if you haven't seen it, check out this album on facebook sampling just some of what i saw in 2010 here. i'm honestly so grateful for all the people who trusted me with their memories and events this past year, it is a joy to know you guys and be a part of your lives.

although the past few months have been quieter than the spring/summer/fall, i've still been photographing from time to time. last month, i was so excited to document a great fundraiser for a great cause, benefiting a really tangible need for women being rescued out of human trafficking. transitions global is a wonderful organization working with victims of trafficking looking to build a new life. check out the photos below from this fundraiser featuring prints from amazing designers, good food and drink, awesome music, and raffle prizes donated from fantastic businesses and restaurants all around portland.

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