Monday, April 11, 2011

(it's personal) begin at the beginning.

i wouldn't've thought that this kind, friendly man i met nearly 5 years ago (when i first moved to portland) would be "the one."

we were ships passing in the night for most of that time, and then in a hilarious turn of events we were set up (sorta :)) this fall. if you see me in person ask me the story, i love to tell it. a good friend said it so well: "it's a great testimony to God's creativity and timing." seriously. it was nothing either of us could've put together.

fast forward to march 25th, the day that j asked me to be his wife. another great story. the short version: he loves me so well. i have been and continue to be wowed.

(engagement day photos by jelani)

sometimes great things happen when you least expect them. :)


alexis rose said...

just goes to show you that God gets His most perfect way in the end when you rely on Him. :0) so happy for you!!!

tara said...

nancy, i'm so happy for you! wonderful to see your smiling faces in these photos. i can't wait to hear about wedding plans!

Biznack said...

Nan! I LOVE those magenta flowers. What exquisite taste this man has;)

//nancy said...

thank you, guys!

and yes.... j has INCREDIBLE taste. i'm a lucky girl. :)