Tuesday, July 5, 2011

how my summer is going

planning a wedding and moving in the midst of my busy season of work = craziness. :) the photo second from the top? yep. that's my mental state much of the time. hah! however, we are finding joy in the middle of all the transitions and lack of sleep and i suppose that's probably preparing me for... (parenthood someday?! most likely).

life is GOOD and i'm not m-i-a due to a lack of things to show and tell, it's just that blogging is literally not going to happen all that often until my life becomes a little less insane. clients- you are AWESOME! i'm loving the families, high school seniors, and bride/groom combos i've been shooting and seeing. there is much in the works for 2012 so if you're following the latest, definitely know fun ideas are in the works for the future. hope you guys are having a great summer and i'll check in again when i can. :)

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Nancy said...

This a wonderful season of life for you! Embrace the Craziness!!

Can't wait to see you later this month!