Monday, November 21, 2011

(it's personal) thoughts on weddings, particularly my own.

(all photographs in this post by the amazing and talented bryan rupp. we are so thankful to have had him capture our day!)

weddings are funny. obviously, i knew this well before my own. true confession: i've been a bridesmaid nine times. NINE. no, i don't exactly feel like i qualify for the 27 dresses club, but close. my bridesmaid-ing abilities and desires have hit their limits. oh yes, and i shoot weddings for a living and have been for the past three years. it might be safe to say that in my range of wedding-related experience over the past twenty-nine years, i've seen it all.

when it came to my time to put down the camera and be the bride, truth be told, i never pictured it playing out like this. but when in life do things really go according to OUR plans!? :) and yet, somehow, so much played out exactly like i thought it would or could.

one of the main things i personally realized from seeing this whole, rite of passage "wedding experience" through bryan's lens- there is a powerful opportunity for both redemption and beauty in every photograph from every stage of life. i love these pictures from a friday afternoon in september. artistically, i think they're oh so pretty. and you're only seeing four shots out of 500+.

beyond the surface of "that's a good angle" or "i like the composition of that image"- i am seeing the best of september 30th, 2011. i'm seeing expressions on my face as i look at my new husband, love in my eyes, and his mirrored right back that i never have the opportunity to see play out in real life/real time... because it's OUR moment. we're in it. we rarely observe it. looking at these photos it almost cements the feelings of love and commitment in new and different ways than before because we get a glimpse from the outside, and it's beautiful. photography is one of those things that i often hear goes at the bottom of the budget (be it wedding, or otherwise), but to have the RIGHT photographer capture those emotions and meaningful times- it's worth it.

photographs are a powerful medium. it's been personally revealing to me as i've gone through this season of re-meeting (that's a long story for another time... :)) my husband and the two of us joining our lives just 52 days ago. it's been refreshing and inspiring as i think about the photos i want to take and share with any of you who are still with me after falling off the blogging wagon. ;) (ps... thanks for still checking on this little ol' thing.) i'll continue to share some of my business here. but i also think i'll share photos that i love simply because i look at the image and feel inspired. inspiration is key to the arts and if i'm just throwing pictures out there but no heart is behind it it won't really resonate, with you or with me. more photos. more heart. more feeling. those are just a few goals i have for the next season of my life. coming here, soon. :)


Stacey L. Leonard said...

Love it Nanc! You were such a beautiful bride and I agree with everything you said! : ) Looking forward to what is to come of Barnes and Noble. : )

Heather said...

Beautiful photos! I do agree that having the right photographer for you wedding day is important. I did not and do very much regret that. I love the emotion that shines through your photography (and also Bryan Rupp's in this post) so I am definitely looking forward to more posts from you! :-)

Brenda said...

Yay! :)

thezsfamily said...

:) you rock :)

//nancy said...

stacey- thanks girl!

heather- oh, thank you. we LOVED our photog. thanks for continuing to follow my work! :) excited to keep posting here.

brenda- yay. :):) thanks, friend.

zs- you're the best. :)