Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hello again.

when i am overwhelmingly busy, the first thing to "go" is this blog. i own it, i admit it. my own google reader is full of wonderful blogs written by other folks who write so much more consistently than i, and even that inspirational fact doesn't ever light a fire under my behind. i think it has more to do with losing the ability to clearly think. when i'm slammed, all my mental energy goes into staying afloat and i feel like i can barely string words together to make a sentence. it's laughable. :)

this season has been one of the craziest- and i never would've predicted it would be that way! but here i sit at my new (to me :)) table in our new apartment surrounded still by a few boxes on the floor and stuff begging to be organized and sorted but i am so content. it's not even about where we are, but it's about being where we're supposed to be. yesterday was my husband's first day of work at his new job and i'm so excited for us and proud of him. this morning when i got home from the gym he was all showered and dressed for his second day on the job and looking mighty fine :), my heart just overflowed with gratitude. i love this man. this past year has been the best of times and the worst of times. we've hit some crazy rollercoaster moments that were totally unexpected- but we're still married. :):):) besides that minor detail, there's a lot to be excited about for our future. i'm thankful to have our house in oregon packed up and cleaned up, i'm thankful to be functional in our new home in new york. i'm thankful to no longer be driving across the country with a compressor that went kaput somewhere between greenville, il. and nashville, tn. (bye bye, air conditioning!) i'm thankful for a kind mechanic named ramesh who cut us an amazing deal on fixing said compressor once we arrived. um, new york summers are a LOT hotter than we wimpy oregonians are used to! i'm thankful to live in a diverse, inner-city neighborhood. i'm thankful for clients here on the east coast who want to continue to shoot with me and i'm excited to re-build my business in a way that more authentically speaks to my heart. like i said, there's just a lot to be thankful for.

because this is a blog about photos, i wanted to switch gears and show you an awesome couple (brianna and dan) and a small peek at their engagement session which rocked my world. i love unique- bri and dan took their own time, pre-session, to scout some AWESOME, very unique locations. it worked out beautifully. working with them was truly a team effort and we all had a blast. thanks for your time guys and for being so relaxed and fun in front of the camera!

happy tuesday :) hope you all are having a great start to your week. more blog posts oh-so-soon!


Anonymous said...

fantastic photos! super cute, Nans! loved this update/peek into your days... so happy to hear J is doing well and that you are doing well and that you are content! this makes me happy! love you both!

b costanza said...

OMG! so here I am coming to your page to copy and paste into Instagram and I find THIS! what a pleasant little surprise and a nice and needed "sign" I may or may not have been looking for :) anyhow I love you. and I'm so happy to have stumbled over this :)