Wednesday, December 12, 2012

crystal + geoff (memories of summertime)

the photo below is symbolic of what has happened to me.
(photo taken/edited with my phone. how do you like our bland, colorless bedroom? oh you don't? haha, neither do we. let's just say we're having issues figuring out where to start. not everywhere in our place, just in our pasty vanilla themed sleeping space. ;))

do you see a head attached to that largely pregnant body? nope? okay because that's me and that's how i feel. hahaha. surprise, surprise, i am still working. there have been tons of photoshoots and weddings this past busy, sunshine-y, warm-weather season. this time of year is wrapping up normally and slowing down a bit and STILL i can't find the brain to post on this good old blog or work on much else besides editing my client's photos and getting them back to the client. which, after all, is the most important thing. but it leaves so much to the imagination!! am i still working? will i work again once the baby is born? do i even like photos? do i like people? the answer to all of this is a resounding YES. i do a wee bit better at periodic updates on facebook and also instagram (friend me there! nnphoto) but that's probably because those things are also attached to my phone. and my phone is usually attached to my hand. and that way my brainless, pregnant self can still somehow manage. :)

don't know what the weather like is where you are, but it's rather chilly here in NY. as i think about photos to post, i think about the delightfully warm and sunny summer weddings i shot. to begin, crystal and geoff. now crystal is actually an old friend of mine and i was honored to be a part of their day. what i didn't expect to feel was a bit of jealousy as i think they may have gotten married at the prettiest wedding venue i've ever shot. i kind of wished that i'd known about the mt. hood b&b when i married in late 2011! it's just ridiculously gorgeous. let's stop the chatting and get to the showing. first, the couple met and had their first look at mcmenamin's edgefield and then we all made the hour+ trek outside of portland, or up to the b&b. this wedding was decidedly oregonian, decidedly lovely and simple, outdoorsy in the best possible way- very much representative of crystal and geoff.



 congrats, congrats you lovebirds. thanks for letting me capture all these beautiful moments!

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