Friday, October 24, 2008


before this year, i've never really enjoyed fall.

see, i hate being cold. HATE. ;) growing up in the chilly northeast, fall just seems like the beginning of winter that will never end. even though the changing leaves are pretty, all too soon they fall off and leave everything stark and brown.

this is still a true statement. :D but in photographing families and individuals this season after two years in the pacific northwest (which is also beautiful, but without much of the dramatic season change that new york has), i was struck with a (dare i say) love for all that the season has to offer. and although i've been cold almost 24/7 since the end of september, :), somehow i just put on a pair of socks or a scarf and survive.

a few weeks back, i shot laurie and omari, who have known each other and been together a ridiculously long time. i think they told me that they met in 1986!?! crazy. anyhow, they're absolutely amazing and beautiful people, inside and out. we wandered around the union college campus and caught some of the fall colors behind them for new family photos. it was a great day.

besides being awesome in general, these guys have a really random, quirky sense of humor which i definitely appreciate. :) here they are with another member of their family... the king. HA.

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