Wednesday, October 8, 2008

three is enough.

today i remembered i hadn't yet updated from this weekend's three shoots. yeah i've been a bit busy this week. :) having my life in so much constant transition makes for a lot of packing and unpacking again, and to be honest i've just been procrastinating. nothing like expected houseguests to motivate me to get crackin'! :) it's been a good week so far but between the day job and cleaning/unpacking/and sorting through stuff, i've had little time to think about the norm.

however. this past weekend was so! busy with three photoshoots: a brother/sister, a boyfriend/girlfriend, and a local band. i've decided that from now on 2 is probably my limit per weekend- whew, was i tired on sunday night! but it was a blast and a lot of the shots came out really well. here are some of my fav's:

sure, this is a little nature-y and cliche, but i could not get over how beautiful this butterfly was! it flew up to me as i was sitting on a bench in the sunshine, waiting to begin a shoot.

unfortunately, the brother-sister shoot was done in preparation for a christmas surprise... so no posting those where they can be seen! maybe after the holidays. :)

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Anonymous said...

Nancy, what filter do you use on your lens to get that warm hue to all of your photos?