Thursday, November 13, 2008

this poor guy doesn't stand a chance (engagement)

lauren and nate are both good friends of mine, and since the moment he slipped this ring on her finger, i've been itching to shoot their engagement photos. their vibrant personalities are so transparent in pictures, and their love story is one that proves even the coldest skeptic wrong... sometimes love just takes time. :)

they met randomly at a switchfoot concert over five years ago and he was crazy about her from day one. she took a little longer to come around... :)... but since she's said "yes" it's obvious who is going to win most arguments. exhibit a:

i mean, the poor guy. how could he resist his gorgeous girl?

the fall weather was absolutely perfect on this particular afternoon... i'll miss days like this one!

congrats, guys. i'm so excited to shoot your wedding in summer '09! :)

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mydarkroom said...

i'm so excited for you to do it too! :) you are the best! i am so thankful for the blessing of our friendship <3