Tuesday, November 25, 2008

week of thanks

so, thanksgiving is in two days. whatever! where did THAT come from!? time flies when you're having fun, i guess. :)

i've noticed that around this time of year, people are very much reminded of how to go about being grateful. it's like anything else that springs up as a noteworthy "ping!" to our forgetful hearts, catching us off guard and even in the toughest of times financially or otherwise, making us come to the realization of how rich we truly are.

it'd be a good attitude to keep going year-round... it's only when we focus on what we do not have that we lose sight of the gifts right in front of our faces.

speaking of gifts, over a month ago i did a family shoot with one of the most beautiful young families i've had the privilege of getting to know. danielle, caleb, and little brody are wonderful, kind human beings whose love for each other just spills over to others without any visible effort on their part. haha, okay that's kind of mushy and ridiculous sounding, but it's true! i loved getting to know them and we had so much fun on that perfect fall day in the park:

i'd shot danielle and brody when he was about two months old, and it's been great fun to see how he's changed and grown into such a happy, easygoing little man! :) hopefully these family shoots will continue because spending time around these guys is something i'd like to make a tradition.

more to come, soon. stay tuned. :)

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The Hastings Family said...

Beautiful pictures Nan......as usual. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day.
Much love from Guate,
U Bob