Monday, May 18, 2009

easter sunday

happy monday, everyone!

i am attempting to start the week off... not letting this photo blog fall to the wayside. :) in general i tend to be busy, even overcommitted a bit when life is "normal." well, life is hardly normal these days. as some of you may already know, right now i'm preparing to head back to portland, oregon in about a month and a half from now, which i am so excited about.

this move is also bittersweet, as i've loved being in new york for the past year, spending time with friends, family, and meeting lots of amazing people through photography... i wish i could have it all and somehow be both here AND there! :) we all know that's not possible- so i am going to keep doing the next best thing, which is continue booking weddings on the east coast as that gives me plenty of reasons/excuses to come back on a regular basis. :) traveling is something i love to do, so the idea of booking work on both coasts is honestly very appealing. i'm also excited about doing more work in the portland area, and see what happens with my business out there! this job is amazing and i'm so grateful for everyone who's been supporting and encouraging me along the way.

enough talking. :)
more photos!

these shots are from this past easter sunday, when i was asked to document the sunday service at terra nova church- this place is especially near and dear to MY heart as i was a part of terra nova close to when it started several years ago, and have been attending again this past year as i've been back in the area. it's an amazing place, and that's all i really have to say about that. :) if you're at all curious, i encourage you to check it out for yourself!

take a look at these images from easter morning at TN:


Nancy said...

Hey, that's Bill Womer in that 1st pic - we love Bill Womer! So good to see him again! As always, your shots are beautiful, Nan - the enjoyment you get from your craft is clearly, love, love

//nancy said...

bill womer is a GREAT guy!

thanks for the compliment a. nan, this is totally what i love to do... :)

see you guys soon!