Friday, May 1, 2009

heart for a tin man (band)

while in oregon for a short visit, i met up with this band to shoot a few promo photos to go along with their edgy, progressive rock sound. being a huge lover of all things art and especially music, i can't wait to go to some of their shows this summer and keep tabs on them as they record and release new stuff!

check out these shots of wess, dan, and becky:


thezsfamily said...

Well done! And well done, little birdie--way to FLY!

Leah said...

These are awesome! Love the contrast with the purple shirt.

//nancy said...

thanks guys!

c- i totally loved that bird. the shot isn't my favorite, but the bird makes it! :)

l- that was definitely a good choice on becky's part! i love bright colors in my photos.