Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the best day... already!

how do you begin a day at 5am and have it start off on such an amazing note?

let me give you a list and tell you how. why, you ask? simple. because i love lists and i love today.

a) looking at this photo which is quite nearly magical (taken yesterday)... sheesh, what a gorgeous little girl.

b) waking up to a chorus of birds chirping up a storm right outside my open bedroom window. how great is that!? (also great: warm weather. we begin this month with snow in upstate ny and end it with pseudo-summer! not complaining!)

c) reading an amazingly sweet good-morning email from a certain guy, who, you know, is "alright." ;)

d) seeing an unexpected shout out on my friends and favorite photograph-ing pair's blog. GET OUT OF HERE.

e) more wedding and family shoot inquiries than i can keep up with, on both the east and west coast, and realizing this may be the beginning of spending the majority of my time on something i absolutely love. how amazing is that!?!!!!. !!!. !.

i may add to this list throughout the day. but there are some basics of why today rocks my world. :) i am humbled and thankful and excited about sharing with you where this little business goes. if you've helped me, encouraged me, or supported me in any way as i've gotten this thing off the ground in the past year (or even in years past when photography was just a hobby!), i want you to know that i appreciate it more than i can say... thank you.


thezsfamily said...

So that little girl is in the same league of cuteness as MY girl! wow.

//nancy said...

TOTALLY. they are cut from a similar cute cloth. :D i'm dying to meet miss sanyu as soon as i can... maybe i'll make it to your neck of the world in the next few years! you never know. :)

Leah said...

Nancy, that pictures IS magical. I'm beyond excited that things are going so well for you (though not one bit surprised). Its easy to see You're headed for great things.Love watching your journey!