Wednesday, April 8, 2009

party of five

fair warning... this blog post will be a little photo-heavy. haha. hope it's not a problem for you- it's not for me, because i can't get enough of this family. they're absolutely beautiful!

this shoot was a few weeks back, and they were wonderful and charming and up for almost anything i threw out there. by the end of the shoot the girls and i were like old friends :) some of the photos i snagged are current favorites of mine- these kids are just too cute!

i feel like this is family photo season and later in spring and summer will be packed with weddings... it's a little strange how many famiy shoots i've had in the past few months and how many weddings i have coming up around the bend! still booking family shoots (and senior portraits!) in new york for may and june- if you're interested in booking one of your own, send me an email: noble.nj (at) gmail dot com.


Bryan Rupp said...

Beautiful shots Nancy! Too many incredible ones for me to pick favorites! Great work! Hope all is well in New York!

//nancy said...

bryan, thanks so much! this family made it super easy... they were wonderful to shoot.

have an awesome day, see you and leah soon. :)