Wednesday, April 22, 2009

away... and now, back.

this would've been a good blog post to put up about a week ago. whoops. :)

i've been a bit MIA, visiting a town that i love on the west coast for this guy's birthday. (see photo below for evidence :))

yeah, you know, whatever... he's alright. ;)


i shot a terrific band (heart for a tin man) while on the west coast, will post a few photos soon.

been trying to get back to my photographic roots a bit and shoot more nature-y things. while on the other side of the country i got a few photos i really enjoy, just for bits of inspiration and beauty in my day to day life. i'll share with ya'.

easter sunday i documented terra nova church's service (troy, ny), and those photos, although different than my average shoots, are some of my new favorites.

also... lots of family shoots to post and talk about. met some amazing people, and totally had a blast with their cute kids. :) such a privilege to capture families as they grow and change!

for now, i have plenty to catch up on and if you're waiting for a return email or phone call to schedule your own shoot, i apologize for the delay. i'll get back to you as soon as i can! all the blogging i'm behind on will have to wait until another day, but i'll get to it eventually- these photos are too fun to keep to myself. :)


Nancy said...

Sooo... you ARE here on the west coast. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

happy birthday to Will for us

A Nancy

//nancy said...

was here... not anymore. :(

man oh man, it's been hard to get back to stuff here so far! HA. we had a great time.

can't wait to see you in july! i'll be sure and pass along your happy birthday. :)

//nancy said...

oops, i meant "was THERE." :)