Friday, April 24, 2009


in the past few weeks, i've been trying to keep my eye out for amazing beauty found in nature. didn't really have to look too hard, :), as it is absolutely EVERYWHERE. check out these four shots from a few days spent in oregon:

wow. just wow. created things (not from human hands) that have such detail and imagination- simply amazing!


thezsfamily said...

Make a wish...!

Bryan Rupp said...

Beautiful shots Nancy, all of them are excellent. My favorite (although it's hard to pick) is the one on the coast with the ocean. I love the outline of the plan and the way that the surrounding shadowed land frames the picture in, and all that combined with the rich colors of the ocean. Great work Nancy!

//nancy said...

thanks! and i love the one by the ocean as well... i have such a soft spot for anything involving ocean, rivers, or lakes! :)