Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ander + cassie (wedding)

WHAT!? two blog posts in one week??? what is this world coming to!

must be a christmas miracle. :) :) just a few months early.

this past saturday, i shot this awesome, extremely portland-esque wedding in the northwest section of town. beforehand, the bride, groom, and i wandered around the pearl district to take a few shots of the two of them before the ceremony:

yeah. they're pretty much in love. it's awesome.

cassie and ander met during a random encounter at powell's books, after he noticed what she was reading and walked over to strike up a conversation. i always love hearing how people end up together almost against the odds- what if one of them had decided to stay home that day?! they may never had the opportunity to meet each other, ever again. throughout their relationship, they've done a bit of transitioning and are now both enrolled in graduate school programs in another state- this wedding was such a reunion/celebration for all their family and close friends!

the groom and his siblings:

their attention to detail was so personalized-

and the location and ceremony was exactly suited to them.

all in all, everyone seemed to have a great time. :)

congratulations, guys. your wedding was SO beautiful and it was my pleasure to be a part of this incredible day!


Cheryl said...

he looks a little like linford detweiler.

//nancy said...

i agree!