Monday, August 31, 2009

an early morning hello

good morning!

1:37am... yep, it's definitely technically morning. have i been to sleep yet? not for more than a 20 minute nap when i conked out on the couch while trying to watch a movie. darn you, second wind. darn you.

although! let's look the bright side. at least i'm blogging a bit here- yay! i'm continually amazed by you kind folk who tell me you read this space even though i've been absolutely less than consistent in my updates. i keep thinking it's going to be some kind of resolution of mine to updated this on a weekly or bi-weekly basis... maybe i'll start with weekly and work my way up once i master the basic level. :) if ever you come here looking for something new to read or something lovely to look at and i've once again been slacking, maybe you should check out jen loves kev. wonderful entries and pretty things... i'm not even that girly of a girl and this site somehow (magically) makes me want to learn how to shop. :) it's great, check it out.

now for a few random photos. i guess you'd like to see how i've been spending a bit of my time when i haven't been blogging, yes? well, a decent amount of my time has been spent with this guy:

he's ok.

:) :)

a few weekends ago we went camping with some good friends about an hour or so from the portland metro area, close to the clackamas river. the beauty found in the pacific northwest never fails to amaze me! gorgeous views, tall tall trees, and plenty of this:

ahhh, campfire. so delightful. maybe i'm a bit of a pyro? while camping... i just can't get enough fire. safely contained and handled, of course. :)

lastly, a picture of us making breakfast. well, obviously THEY were making breakfast. i was taking pictures. slacker. :)

i'm going to try the sleep thing again... until next time!


Jenloveskev said...

Hehe thanks for the shout out!

Congrats on the new site- it looks great. Hope everything is going good on the other side of the country!!

//nancy said...

my pleasure!

i absolutely meant what i said about your blog- i catch up on it whenever i have a second and always end up feeling inspired! love it. :)

thanks for the congrats on the site... and hope to run into you at terra sometime in the fall when i'm back visiting! have a great week.