Monday, August 17, 2009


hello! it's after 2pm and i'm just now sitting down to work, but let me tell you about my weekend. let's make a list... because lists are wonderful and i'm hoping for some perspective here. :)

- wow! just this morning i got back from a wonderful couple of days up north in tacoma and anderson island, wa. i met and shot this delightful family early on saturday morning:

isn't that little baby girl absolutely beautiful!?

- i feel completely refreshed after a few days away from the normal routine. yes, i was working for a bit of the long weekend. however... it was perfect. i have a lot of editing to come back to and i'm 110% ready to take it on. great people, good food, meaningful conversations, and being with someone i love. all in all, a really great time.

- ferryboats! i've loved them but never ridden on them... until yesterday. super fun.

- mountains and water and sunsets, oh my.

- i had two lovely emails from former wedding clients to come home to. they blessed and encouraged me hugely through their generosity.

CONS: (grrr)
- i've spent a good part of the past few weeks building a website. blood, sweat, tears. okay maybe all three of those would be exaggerations- but i've worked so hard on it, finished and submitted the site last friday.... and it's still not live. :( meh. i feel as though this will be such an amazing tool for my business, as this blog site is great, but it's definitely less formal than an actual website and (coughcough) i'm not great at always keeping it up-to-date. anyhow. i am REALLY excited to show everyone this site and just want it to be up and going already!

patience is a virtue... i guess. :)

website: coming SOON.

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