Monday, August 3, 2009

my little favorite

so. i have been remiss. (is that the correct way to use that word? it's not often i use "remiss" in a sentence. :))

a few months back, i hired a wonderful artist and friend to create a logo for my business which you see at the top of this page, and if you ask me for a business card at some point in the future, you'd see it there, too. her name is lisa and she too is located out of portland, oregon. her sense of style is whimsical and fun and the designs she came up with for me were all so creative and wonderful, i had a hard time picking just one! however, since, orange is definitely my favorite, i picked the one you see above and called it a night. :)

visit her etsy shop- my little buffalo. buy her things. support creative, amazing-hearted people who wear plaid coats, like the one below.

(lisa and her other half, spring 2008)


Lisa said...

aw, nancy. I love you.
Thanks for posting this. You da best.

//nancy said...

girl, i love you too. and thanks so much for all your help and artistic efforts! TOTALLY love all your designs. :) :)