Monday, November 30, 2009

i love married people

rachel and brad are pretty awesome.

i mean, seriously? look at their sense of style and how comfortable they are in front of the camera:

they got married a little over a year ago, and are still so obviously crazy for each other. i love it. :)

they were both SO easy to shoot. true confession: it can be hard for me to go from "oh hey, nice to meet you!' to invading your personal space with a camera in 2.2 seconds flat! but what rachel and brad did that was soooo helpful to me is that they were THEMSELVES. that's what i always tell people when they ask how they should be or what they should do during a shoot- just be yourself! talk about yourself, tell me what you like, don't like, wear clothes that you feel good in and go with it! i love variety in people and families and these guys brought it in full force. so refreshing! the park where we shot in salem, oregon was a park that they used to walk together when they were just dating. at first i wasn't sure what the scenery would be in this semi-dismal time of year, but i was so pleasantly surprised with how well it worked with their style and personalities! i loved every minute. thanks guys, for a lovely sunday afternoon.

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