Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'tis the season.

good evening!

right now i'm sitting in a charming coffee shop with big sparkly snowflakes hanging from the windowsills and working while sarah, my lovely, dear friend & roommate studies. if you don't know her, you should. she's amazing.

sarah + tiny cupcakes = <3

anyway. time for a substantial entry! first let me say that i just love christmastime. it's always been my favorite holiday and then a few years back, when other things in my life were less than ideal, i started to like it less. there was just no charm to the season anymore, i couldn't seem to find my heart in all the songs and decorations and cookies and traditions. maybe i was growing out of christmas as i grew up? thankfully i think it was just a season in my life that was tainted by other disheartening circumstances, like we all go through. if this year is "one of those" for you, i'm sorry. hang in there. for me... there is so much that surprised me about this entire year and where my life is currently... all good things. and happily, my childlike wonder about christmas eve services and twinkly lights has returned in full force and so far i've had an investment of sorts in three separate christmas trees. overkill? nah. ;)

the following photos are from a family shoot with a family that i adore. this is the third time i've spent time with them and let me just say that i think they are wonderful parents to a equally wonderful little guy. not being a parent yet myself gives me a lot of time to think and observe... and if i'm fortunate enough to have my own kids one day, i'd love to have the kind of patience, love, and FUN that this family has together! see what i mean....

thanks scott, patty, and jakob for letting me spend time with your amazing family! if i were allowed to have favorites, you all would be one of them. :)

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