Saturday, December 19, 2009

magazine! article!

it's 12:40am... i'm a little excited. :)

if you live in the tacoma, wa area please pick up the current winter issue of South Sound. if you don't, and want a teeny, tiny peek at what i'm talking about, click HERE.

(if you still don't get why i'm pointing this out at 12:40am, check out who shot the photos for this article. ;) it may be someone you know...)

trust me- the hard copy is beautiful. this magazine is a great combo of two of my favorite things- well-written words and pretty pictures. i feel so excited to be a part of this issue... and i think you should run right out and get one today. :)


R.C. Sayler said...

Way to go!

Nancy, I have a friend in NYC that shoots interiors professionally. He said he'd be willing to answer any questions you might have about freelance work (though, it appears you're figuring things out). Let me know if you'd like his email address.


Jen said...

Hey! that's awesome...

Those photos look great. Congrats!

//nancy said...

jen- thanks so much! :)

r.c.-thanks! i'd love your friend's email address. yeah, i'm figuring out things as i go, but it never hurts to get input/advice from others who have been there before.

hope you guys are doing well!